Rabobank: Global poultry markets recover | The Poultry Site

Rabobank released its Poultry Quarterly report which shows that global poultry markets have seen significant improvement in Q2 and Q3 2021. Acc. to Rabobank restricted supply and strong demand is profitable for the global poultry markets  Read more

Brazil expects record high pork and poultry production, exports in 2021 | The Poultry Site

ABPA, an industry association which represents major companies in Brazil projects 3.5% and 8% growth in poultry production and exports, respectively from the previous year and 6% and 10.5% rise in pork production and outputs Read more

Europe significantly decreases use of veterinary antibiotics | The Poultry Site

The European Surveillance of Veterinary Antimicrobial Consumption (ESVAC) report has registered an decline in sales of antimicrobials for animal health purposes of 43.2% since 2011. Many years of awareness-raising and training on the Responsible use of antibiotics led to successful reduction in indiscriminate antibiotics use in livestock. Read more 

International Egg Foundation launches production manual for developing nations | The Poultry Site

The International Egg Foundation (IEF) releases a practical manual that offers practical, actionable guidance on key areas of egg production to emerging commercial egg producers in developing nations. It is compiled based on extensive experience and expert knowledge from within the egg industry Read more

Nigeria to receive $210 million to support farmers | The Poultry Site

The African Development Bank took a commendable step to support smallholder farmers producing strategic crops and livestock in Nigeria. They will lend $210 million to Nigerian, which will impact the lives of millions in Africa’s most populous country Read more 

UK veterinary antibiotic sales cut in 55half in last 6 years | The Poultry Site

UK now has become one of the lowest levels of antibiotic use in Europe, having reduced by 52% in just six years between 2014 and 2020. According to a report released by the UK government’s Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), use of antibiotics has fallen to only 0.5% of the total antibiotic sales in 2020. Read more